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Uncuff my brother!

tuesdaeschild in uncuffmybrother


One calendar month from now will be Christmas Day and as we all know Christmas is a a time for giving; here are Michael and Sara demonstrating the giving and receiving of gifts...


So if anyone is up for asking for or offering something Prison Break-y for the Festive Season here's your opportunity. Fic, graphics, poetry, picspams...whatever you fancy.

To keep it nice and simple you can start asking for or offering something now and then post your gifts from December 18th right up until 2013...1st January! ;-)

So get commenting, peeps!


Aye aye, Capt'n! *salutes minxily*
♥ ♥ ♥
SMILEY  - ANIM - threesome-dancing, colourful Smileys, cuute!
LJ keeps swallowing my replies!! Trying again...

*salutes minxily back*

I'm going to kick this off with an offer of a Christmassy kid!fic drabble or ficlet. Your choice of character(s). :)

♦ Fic, ficlet or drabble(s): anything with Michael and/or Lincoln and/or Sara. Any genre, any pairing or OT3, any rating. My only demand is that, if you set it after the end of the show, none of them is dead or dying (aka non-epilogue compliant ;)). If you want a more specific request, something soft but not too schmoopy, with snow, Winter tropes and cuddling for warmth.

♦ Very self-indulgent: Any kind of fanwork for The Sum of the Parts. Art, dvd commentary, fanmix... If it's art, please R-rated at most.

Offer: I'm not sure what to offer, but I'll do my best to fill at least one request.

If I think of something else and it's okay with you, Mighty Mod, I'll edit this or post another comment ;)
Of course it's all right with me!! :)

Something soft and snowy and cuddly sounds lovely. ♥
Meh. Link to The Sum of the Parts doesn't show, but it's *here* if you need it.