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Anyone up for this?

I was looking back through the ideas that were suggested rather a long time ago and bluedelft came up with a suggestion for anyone who's written fic for Prison Break. Sharing the fic you've most liked of those you've written. That sounded like a good plan at the time and it still does so anyone up for this one? Given there are two new additions to our little comm - hybridxlove and mashimero (welcome!!) - there might be a couple of new readers right there! :)

It might also to be nice to extend this to artwork - graphics, manips, actual sketches etc - so rummage through your work from back in the day and share if you have a mind. :)
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Hi, I've just started to de-lurk in PB fandom, and thought I would crosspost a few things.

Fanart: portraits of Michael, Lincoln, and Mahone, rated G, no warnings.

Also, I've been gathering high-resolution pictures because I've been fiddling with making graphics and hate using low-res stuff as bases, and also because it's just so damned hard to find them when I need them, since they're scattered across a bunch of old sites. So I started a tumblr where I'll be posting promo pics and episode stills, with download links to the high-res versions. So far I only have S1 promo pics up, but I'm working on queuing the rest of the stuff that I have (so far: a good collection of S1 and 2 episode stills, and S2 and 3 promo pics). I'd really appreciate it if anyone has a collection of high-res images saved/knows where to find them and would be willing to share! Hopefully all the eye candy will bring a few new members into the fandom :)

Also, I would be very happy to add any new PB friends. I did post in the friending meme, but I think I might be too late to the party >.
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Wentworth Miller News

This has been on a couple gossip sites so I thought I'd put it up for those that might be interested!

Wentworth Miller Comes Out: 'Prison Break' Star Reveals He's Gay

Wentworth Miller is the latest celebrity to reveal he's gay.

After being invited to attend the St. Petersburg International Film Festival in Russia, the "Prison Break" star decided it was time to go public with his sexual orientation.

"Thank you for your kind invitation. As someone who has enjoyed visiting Russia in the past and can also claim a degree of Russian ancestry, it would make me happy to say yes," the 41-year-old wrote to the festival's director, which was posted on GLAAD's website. "However, as a gay man, I must decline."

The actor went on to explain: Collapse )
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Some Christmas Fun & Greetz!^^

Hello, dear Fellow 
Uncuff-Possums on
Christmas Evening,
I just want to wish you
peaceful holidays,
together with your

families & loved ones.

* * *

Added to my Christmas greetz,
here are three pics I want to share
because a little
humour won't hurt
until the
festivities; don't you think?^^

Okeh? Then let's start...

Collapse )
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Uncuff my brother!

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If anyone had been interested in doing something festive I suppose there would have been something here by now. Since there isn't I can only assume there's no longer any interest in Prison Break.

Oh well. Happy Festive Season to everyone anyway.
Uncuff my brother!


One calendar month from now will be Christmas Day and as we all know Christmas is a a time for giving; here are Michael and Sara demonstrating the giving and receiving of gifts...


So if anyone is up for asking for or offering something Prison Break-y for the Festive Season here's your opportunity. Fic, graphics, poetry, picspams...whatever you fancy.

To keep it nice and simple you can start asking for or offering something now and then post your gifts from December 18th right up until 2013...1st January! ;-)

So get commenting, peeps!