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Uncuff my brother!

tuesdaeschild in uncuffmybrother

Do we want to do something for Christmas?

I'm sorry it's been such a long time since the last post. I think it's a question of needing a little faith that members will respond to this post and do something for Christmas.

The idea (which was suggested by the lovely clair_de_lune) is a Christmas gift event; a ficlet/drabble, an icon, a header or a wallpaper (or anything else you want to request/offer) with as many of us taking part as possible. Ideally it would be wonderful if you wanted to get something as a gift you do something for someone else too but it's not mandatory. I would suggest commenting here if you'd like to take part then I'll make a separate post for requests and offers to fill those requests. Then posting could take place between, say, 22nd and 31st December.

Any other suggestions or refinements you might have can be posted here too. :)

Fingers crossed we can recapture some PB love.


I don't want to be a bum--but I can't participate in this because I already committed to this holiday fic thing, and I'm already behind on it, and this is just such a busy time of year for me...I feel badly because I don't want to be a party pooper, but I thought I should explain myself so you know why I can't do it!

Long explanation is long! I'm sorry!
It's not a problem, Candy. It would have been lovely if you could have participated but it shouldn't be at the expense of something you've already committed to and since it is a very busy time of year there's no point in over-stretching yourself. Thanks for letting me know, though. :)

Maybe we could organise something similar early next year like a Valentine's Gift Event!

I'm in. I'll contribute as well as receive, of course! Great idea btw :)
Excellent!! Giving and receiving too! Thanks, Jordy. The idea came from clair_de_lune so well done to her. :)

I know it's a surprise, but I'd love to play ;)
Surprise?!! Shock would be closer to the mark!! ;)

Thank you, my dear friend.
I'll participate, and it will probably be in the form of drabbling somebody. That's about all I have time for, and the non-fic stuff... boy, but I wish I had any talent in that regard. But no. ;)
Thank you, sweetheart. A drabble is just the ticket for this busy time of year. And I wish I had talent in the non-fic way too! Sadly, like you, I don't but you more than make up for that with your brilliant writing. :)
Eep! Just remembered I never replied to this. I'd like to take part in some way and while I'm not sure I'll have time to do fic, I'll see what comes up in the requests. I'm hoping to do some icons/graphics to share with the comm regardless. :)
Thanks, Bun. ♥

Frankly I think it's going to flop anyway but I'll make a post asking for requests this weekend and see what happens. But some icons/graphics to share would soften the blow. *hugs you*

Considering making you Employee of the Month!!! ;)
I'm game. *g*
Yay!! Thanks, darling!! ♥

I'm going to make the request post today!!
This is such a wonderful idea! Big love to you for keeping the PB playground alive on LJ, my darling.

I shall go pimp it, and also try to think of a prompt (OMG so many things I would like to read!).
There was so much love for Prison Break back in the day it seems a terrible shame to let it just die out when some of us do still love it. So it's my pleasure, sweetheart! :)

Thanks for the pimp!